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Investments Perfect Money means:

  • you receive high daily income from the licensed company;
  • easy to use interface and professional customer support 24/7;
  • the high level of the site and your personal data protection;
  • weekly trading reports and additional guarantee for large deposits.
Do you want to be confident in your future and to work with the best?
Do you want to have a stable and high income?
Then you have made the right choice!

Today, everyone has a real opportunity to receive income on the international Forex market. It is true especially in our time, when technological progress is growing by leaps and bounds. Many people know all the advantages of trading as a distant work. Income opportunities here are almost unlimited. There are many different programs to make trading easier for traders and investors. The most popular and effective in use are Forex robots (or expert advisors, experts).
Forex robots are mechanical trading systems that are integrated into the trading terminal MetaTrader 4 (5) and related to a certain chart. These programs both inform about the deal possibility and automatically make deals on the trading account of the trader, directing them to the trade server.

Classification of Forex trading robots.

There is a wide range of Forex robots nowadays. It allows a trader to select the most suitable instrument for his trading way. So robots are classified as follows:
  • by deposit size: for ordinary and cent accounts. Some Forex robots are tied to a certain lot volume. It is necessary to have on deposit a specific amount of money in order robots to work correctly. That is why the universal trade experts are of the most demand, because the trader can customize the lot size and change the number of characters in the quotation;
  • by trading time: long-term and intraday Forex robots. Last ones trade correctly only within one working day, opening short deals. Long-term advisors transfer open positions to the next trading day. If a trader does not pay attention to the choice of the robot, it may lead to a fatal error. A separate point is the night working variants of advisers. Such a Forex robot has contradictory reviews. As a rule, it trades effectively only at night and at other times it may lead to a complete loss of the deposit. Advisors from the company Investments Perfect Money include at once several Forex trading strategies to trade effectively at any time: at night, all day long, regardless if there is a flat or a trend on the market. Experts, the programs developed by experienced and qualified specialists of our company adjust automatically to the current market conditions.
According to the type of strategy used by Forex trading robots, they are classified into scalpers, trend robots and pending orders programs.
Investments Perfect Money uses scalpers’ robots and trend strategies. Scalpers allow one to gain profit starting a large number of deals, each of which is closed immediately after the receipt of a minimum income. These programs are quite attractive to a large number of traders, however, not all broker companies allow using them.
Trend Forex robots are the most reliable programs to trade on the Forex market. They forecast the price movement of a particular currency pair through the thorough market analysis and open up deals only in the appropriate direction.

Benefits of Forex robots:

  1. Round the clock currency rates monitoring providing concentration and attention.
  2. Simultaneous, accurate and timely operation with multiple currency pairs.
  3. No emotions, work on the set algorithm despite the circumstances of trade.
  4. Best Forex robots are featured by instant speed, make all the necessary complex calculations in a split second, come to a decision and place orders.

What are the best Forex robots?

The best Forex robots are the programs for individual use from reliable, proved themselves software developers (analysts, programmers, traders), as well as the specialists from Investments Perfect Money. The company’s software products take the shine out of their paid counterparts from different sites by most criteria. Therefore, our company has been trading on the Forex market without any drawdowns or losses for 5 years. We keep our own software a secret and do not spread. Weekly trading reports are available on our website.

0.8% daily | 30 business days | from 10 $

1% daily | 30 business days | from 10 000$

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